Women's Voices Women Speak

International Women's Network Against Militarism (IWNAM)

Country Report: Hawaiʻi


June 1, 2017



"because we have chosen each other"


for Women’s Voices Women Speak February 2017 retreat

for Ellen, for Christine A, for Caitlin, for Kim, for Grace, for Dori, for Christine L., for Aunty Terri, for Daniella, for Kelsey, for Eloise, for Kasha, for Reyna, for Shelley, and for our ancestors and loves

Because Audre Lorde once wrote:

we have chosen each other

and the edge of each other’s battles

the war is the same

if we lose

one day womenʻs blood will congeal

upon a dead planet

if we win

there is no telling

we seek beyond history

for a new and more possible meeting.


Violence in their families

fighting for the rice fields

every grain of rice

sighs, tears, and laughter

stars and wind

because Kāneʻohe taught me how to love

adopting countries

adopting single mothers

keeping families together

the truth-tellers

healing larger stories

healing family stories


Our families have been infiltrated

our families carry violence

our families carry love

our families carry resistance


Tears pass from face to face



to continue what my ancestors started

to keep me sane

here is this shell that love brought

across the ocean

to see how everything’s connected

so the women gathered

made commitments to each other

brought it home


Defend the ice cream shops

the sweet memories of our elders

called to be medicine for sugar

medicine for military bases

medicine for privilege.

how sons mirror grandfathers

how we need time to mourn

to document


People pass from face to face

people weʻve never met

revolutionary farmers





inheriting land as a thank-you

how do we care for these stories


How do we bring all the daughters back to us

how do we care for Kahoʻolawe

how do we weave the rope of resistance


We need to go ourselves

so we can believe

our mothers

until we can’t un-see

our connections

how to fight for

not against.


Let our lives be prayers

because we choose the unclear path

because we choose the work of hope

because we choose our entire selves

because we choose each other

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83 유엔 안보리 결의 1325호 국가행동계획 평가와 향후 추진방향 file 평화여성회 2017.11.23 628
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69 GPPAC Northeast Asia Statement on the Occasion of the Global Day of Action on Military Spending 평화여성회 2015.04.21 1173
68 Final Document of GPPAC NEA International Conference: “Dimensions to create a Nuclear-Weapon Free Northeast Asia” file 평화여성회 2014.12.04 4813
67 「国連安保理決議第1325号履行のための大韓民国『国家行動計画』」採択に対する<1325号ネットワーク>声明書 file 평화여성회 2014.06.27 3276
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