March 17, 2021

Solidarity Statement of South Korean Women’s Organizations


We support the courageous resistance and struggle of Myanmar women! Myanmar's military should stop violence and killing and hand over the regime to a democratic government!


On February 1, Myanmar's military launched a coup that disrupted the emergence of a democratic government. The military has so far suppressed the people's resistance and struggle to restore democracy. This resulted in massive bloodshed and many lives have been sacrificed. The people of Myanmar continue to resist and fight in various creative ways with courage in the midst of military violence and killings. In particular, women are leading the movement to restore democracy in Myanmar and to defend human rights and freedoms by demonstrating leadership at the forefront of the civil disobedience movement, and gathering strength and wisdom to peacefully resist. Myanmar's people are appealing for the United Nations and the international community to be more active, and are calling for the United Nations to designate Myanmar's military as a terrorist group.


On February 2, the day after the coup, 71 South Korean civil society organizations issued emergency statements in solidarity with the people's desire for democracy. In the statement, South Korean civil society groups demanded that the Myanmar military end the coup, immediately release elected representatives and civil society activists, respect the results of the November 2020 general elections and transfer power back to the civilian government. At the same time, it urged the government of the Republic of Korea, the United Nations, and other governments to pressure the Myanmar military and strive to normalize democracy through immediate and effective means.


The courageous actions of Myanmar's women, who are committed to the front line of the movement for democracy, peace, human rights and freedom, are a great inspiration for the global civic movement. As the COVID-19 Pandemic shows, we now have to overcome the crisis in the global community by gathering the collective wisdom of humankind across borders. To this end, global solidarity that respects the value of peace and the order of democracy must be further strengthened. In addition, we give our most compassionate solidarity and support to the Myanmar women who show leadership in peace and the courage that nothing can be stopped at the scene of protests and struggles to restore democracy in the face of military violence.


Korean women's organizations fully concur with the Korean civil society organizations calling for the normalization of democracy in Myanmar, especially calling for the safety and rights of women and girls, the biggest victims of sexual violence and military dictatorship. We demand that governments and businesses from around the world stop providing financial and military assistance to Myanmar's military. We urge women around the world to actively support and unite in solidarity with the democratic movement of Myanmar's people, led by Myanmar women.


March 17, 2021

South Korean women's organizations supporting the peaceful and democratic handover of power in Myanmar and the resistance and struggle of women

Ansan Women Workers Association

Anyang Women’s Hotline

Bucheon Women’s Hot-Line

Bucheon Women Workers Association

Center for Korean Women and Politics

Christian Home Saegajeong

Corporation Korean Unification Women’s Council

Daegu Women’s Association

Daegu Women Workers Association

Daegu Women’s Hotline

Daegu Women Human Rights Center

Daejeon Women’s Association for Better Aging Society

Daejeon Women’s Associations United(DWAU)

Eco-feminists of the Green Party Seoul

Frends of Anne

Gender Equality Training Platform:GET-P


GOYANG Women Link


Gunpo Women Link

Gwangju Women Workers Association

Gwangju Jonnam Women's Associations United

Gyeonggi Women’s Associations United

Gyeonggi Women's Solidarity


Gyeongnam Women's Association

Incheon Women Workers Association

Institute for Women's Peace in Korea of Women Making Peace



Kimpo Women's Hot-line

Korea Association of Single Parent Family

Korea Church Women United

Korea Network for Gender Budgeting

Korean Methodist Women’s Leadership Institute

Korea Sexual Violence Relief Center

Korea Women’s Political Solidarity



Korea Women's Studies Research Institute

Korean Association of Women Theologians

Korean Catholic Women's Community for a New World

Korean Council for Reconciliation and Cooperation(KCRC) Women's Committee

Korean Methodist Women's Leadership Institute

Korean Women Workers Association

Korean Women's Movement for Peace

Korean Association of Women Theologians

Korea Women’s Associations United(KWAU)

Kyungkki Women's Solidarity


Missionary Sisters of the Immaculate Conception

Namyangju Women's Center for Migrant Workers

National Solidarity against Sexual Exploitation of Women


Paju Women Link

Pohang Women's Association

Pyeongtaek Sexual & Domestic Violence Relief Center

Seoul Women Workers Association

Solidarity for USFIK Comfort Women's Human Rights

Ssial Women


Suwon Women's Association

Suwon Women Workers Association

Suwon YWCA

The Association of Major Superiors of Religious Women in Korea

The Korean Council for Justice and Remembrance for the Issues of Military Sexual Slavery by Japan

Ullim Women

Women Clergy Association, the Anglican Church of Korea

Woman Making Peace

Women Ministers Association of PROK

Women's Association of Gyeongsan

Women's Committee, National Council of Churches in Korea(NCCK)

Women’s Forum for Peace and Diplomacy

Women's Federation for World Peace


And other Civil Society Supporters

Asian Re

Association of Professors and Researchers for Democracy and Equality

BPW Korea

By Your Side

Connect Church

Estrella de Mar

Eum Education Coop

Hanbit Church

Hanbit Presbyterian Church, Paul community

Human & Peace



Media Coop Cheong-au

Network for Peace and Unification(NPU)

New Korea


Osan Migrant Worker’s Center


Sandol Church

Seongmunbakk Church

Seoul Jeil Church of Presbyterian Church of Republic of Korea



Song Kwang Young and Chun Se Yung Memorial Community

The Institute of Korean Somatics Research and Education

The Well Watered Garden Church

Urinuri Peace Corp

Youth Platform.

ZAONA School

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