Northeast Asian Women’s Peace Conference                                                                          October 6th, 2010



Recommendationsto the Six-Party-Talks Countries


Women at the 2010 Northeast Asian Women’s Peace Conference express our concern with the reappearing tensions, military conflicts and dangers of war in Northeast Asia, especially after the Cheonan Incident. Military exercises have increased on and around the Korean Peninsula. We oppose any kind of war and other threatening actions. We strongly believe that with mutual trust we can achieve peace through reconciliation, economic cooperation, social and cultural exchanges, and diplomatic normalization.  


We applaud the recent humanitarian assistance and efforts to promote dialogue between the two Koreas. We hope such activity will not cease but develop into dialogue to build sustainable peace. This year is the 60th anniversary of the Korean War, the 10th anniversary of 6.15 Joint Declaration, and the 10th anniversary of UN Security Council Resolution 1325. We call on the Six-Party-Talks countries to increase efforts to make the Korean Peninsula a home of peace.


We recommend to the Six-Party-Talks countries:  


1. Increase humanitarian assistance including food and medical supplies to North Korea, which will assist towards the realization of peace.


2. Promote dialogue and cooperation instead of economic sanctions and military exercises. Resume inter-Korean, US-North Korean, Japan-North Korean dialogues and the Six-Party-Talks as soon as possible. Implement the agreement in the 9.19 Joint Communiqu?, including pursuing denuclearization and a peace regime on the Korean Peninsula and normalizing the US-North Korean and Japan-North Korean relations. Take concrete steps to move on from the Armistice Agreement to a Peace Agreement for the Korean Peninsula.


3. Implement UN Security Council Resolution 1325 on Women, Peace and Security, which calls for the full participation of women at all levels in peace processes, peacekeeping and peace building. Adopt National Action Plans and include women as chief negotiators, representatives of working groups, and observers in the process of multi-national negotiations in Northeast Asia.


4. Establish a Women’s Council for the Six-Party Talks. Recognize the importance of women’s Track II efforts and women NGOs’ activities in supporting the official process of bilateral talks, including inter-Korean, US-North Korean, Japan-North Korean dialogues, and the Six-Party-Talks. Resource women’s efforts and incorporate their views in decision-making.


5. Reinforce the number of qualified female personnel in all assistance programs for North Korea, so that at least 30 percent of the management and program staff are women. 



We will seek ways to cooperate with the Six-Party-Talks countries to build peace on the Korean Peninsula and in Northeast Asia. We recommend the respective countries to accept and act on our proposal.


Participants of the 2010 Northeast Asian Women’s Peace Conference


Organizing Committee:



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