Women for Genuine Security 

– United States Country Report




The United States is in a period of great political tension and uncertainty.  Its role on the international stage is rapidly changing while domestic divisions and inequities continue to build. The election of Donald Trump, with the slim electoral college defeat of the nation’s first major-party female candidate, by many accounts, highlighted the country’s persistent gender and racial inequities. The president has challenged the stability of our government institutions, and assumed a strong and unrelenting stance in support of increased military power, a militarized police force and border wall, along with a dismantling social services and environmental protections.


In the face of these significant challenges, social movements in the U.S. continue to build alliances at the intersections of race, class, and gender. Marginalized and oppressed groups have mobilized in social movements such as #BlackLivesMatter and #NoDAPL. A series of marches, including the Women’s March, March for Science, and Climate March, have shown a strong resistance to the new administration’s policies, and brought new, mainstream participants into dialogue, finding ways to support existing struggles for peace and social justice.


Women around the world have spoken out against our most recent presidential election. More women are showing interest in seeking U.S. political office. We have seen an outpouring of support to protect access to women’s health services. In these dark times, women’s voices are more vital than ever in building a strong resistance and more just and peaceful future.


Our country report discusses recent developments in military spending, the wide-ranging environmental impacts of the military, the Indigenous struggles against the Dakota Access Pipeline and gendered violence associated with oil extraction. We also share information about the Movement for Black Lives, troubling changes in urban policing strategies, and militarized anti-immigration policies and enforcement tactics.

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번호 제목 글쓴이 날짜 조회 수
공지 UN안보리 결의안 1325채택 15주년 기념 심포지엄 평화여성회 2015.11.23 2006
공지 여성.평화.안보에 대한 UN 안보리 결의 1325호 (국문 및 영문) [917] 평화를만드는여성회 2009.09.14 152700
85 [참가기]캐나다 평화회의 / "한반도 평화 위해 여성의 힘찬 발걸음 다시 시작" 평화여성회 2018.01.02 542
84 유엔 안보리 결의 1325호 관련 양성평등기본법 일부개정법률안 (의결) 평화여성회 2017.11.27 528
83 유엔 안보리 결의 1325호 국가행동계획 평가와 향후 추진방향 file 평화여성회 2017.11.23 608
82 [08.29~08.30] 울란바타르 프로세스 3차 회의 참가기 file 평화여성회 2017.09.12 440
81 [오키나와회의] 한국 지역 보고서 file 평화여성회 2017.08.22 283
» [오키나와회의] 미국 지역 보고서 file 평화여성회 2017.08.22 275
79 [오키나와회의] 필리핀 지역 보고서 file 평화여성회 2017.08.22 339
78 [오키나와회의] 일어로 발표된 공동성명 평화여성회 2017.08.22 229
77 [오키나와회의] 푸에르토리코 지역 보고서 file 평화여성회 2017.08.22 219
76 [오키나와회의] 하와이 지역 보고서 file 평화여성회 2017.08.22 232
75 오키나와 회의(9th International Women's Network Against Militarism) 참관기 file 평화여성회 2017.07.06 303
74 2016.11.14~16. 울란바타르 프로세스 회의 참가기 평화여성회 2016.11.18 314
73 2016 여성지위위원회 회의(CSW)를 다녀왔습니다 file 평화여성회 2016.04.25 464
72 [국제세미나 자료집] 누가 전쟁으로 돈을 버는가? 전쟁산업에 맞서기 위한 저항의 방법들 평화여성회 2016.02.03 554
71 Launch of the Ulaanbaatar Process for dialogue and Peace in Northeast Asia 평화여성회 2015.07.23 965
70 울란바토르 프로세스 간담회 자료집 file 평화여성회 2015.07.23 925
69 GPPAC Northeast Asia Statement on the Occasion of the Global Day of Action on Military Spending 평화여성회 2015.04.21 1162
68 Final Document of GPPAC NEA International Conference: “Dimensions to create a Nuclear-Weapon Free Northeast Asia” file 평화여성회 2014.12.04 4803
67 「国連安保理決議第1325号履行のための大韓民国『国家行動計画』」採択に対する<1325号ネットワーク>声明書 file 평화여성회 2014.06.27 3267
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