Social Activities



Social Activities 

Women Making Peace - What do we do?

  Social action for reunification and peace in Korea

* Campaign to "share food, share love" with the North Korean people now suffering from a food crisis
* Organize exchanges and dialogue between North and South Korean women
* Organize meetings with Korean women abroad to seek ways for reunification
* Campaign for the reduction of military expenses and the increase of social welfare budgets in South and North Korea
* Facilitate women's participation in activities concerning reunification, international affairs and defence
* Campaign to reduce violence in the home, the society and the state
* Campaign to designate the demilitarized zone as a ecological peace park

Educational activities to foster people's peacemaking abilities and form a culture of peace

* Tolerance and peace education towards the formation of "new human beings" ready to build a unified Korea and a
peaceful world in the 21st century
* Training of peace-makers
* Leadership training of women, youth and children for peace culture formation
* Peace camp for families, youth and children
* Training for tolerance and peace sensitivity

Solidarity activities for the settlement of disputes and the realization of peace

* Networking with peace-related groups at home and abroad
* Peace support activities and pressure activities for conflict solution
* Peace journeys to visit international conflict areas and support the work of peace groups there
* Supports the peace related activities of other groups and participates in demonstrations and other movements to promote the
peaceful resolution of conflict

Research activities - conducted by the Korea Women's Institute for Peace Studies

Reunification Issues
* Research on alternative ways to realize the reunification of Korea,
the integration of South and North Korea and the establishment of a new unified social order from a feminist perspective
* Research on North Korean society and women
* Studies on women's role in the work for reunification
* Studies on the reunification policies of the South and North Korean governments
*Studies on ways to replace military-centered security with people-centered security

Peace issues
* Studies on patriarchy, militarism, violence, women and peace
* Studies on arms production and trade, military expenses and social welfare system
* Studies on the USA military bases and the suffering they cause women
* Studies on how to live together with different kinds of people in an atmosphere of tolerance and mutual respect
* Studies on how the global infomation system can promote the necessary conditions for peace

* list of Publication and Booklets
1) Mook : " Woman and Peace "
2) Newsletter quarterly <Women Making Peace>
3) Research report