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Women Making Peace(WMP) - Who are we?


Women Making Peace is a specialized movement organization formed to realize reunification and peace on the Korean peninsula and to make peace in Asia and the world.
Our organization was founded on March 28 1997. We conduct research on the conditions and methods necessary for the peaceful reunification of Korea, and present policies toward that goal from a feminist perspective.
We promote tolerance and peace of mind as general values in society, promote citizens' peace-making skills, and in general cultivate a life-centered culture of peace for the world.
We carry out concrete social actions to facilitate Korean reunification and peace. We try to facilitate the equal participation of women in the settlement of conflicts and disputes and to promote women's leadership in peace-making at home and abroad.
We work in solidarity with international peace groups, exchanging information concerning peace and security and thus expanding international women's peace-making networks.

Women making peace looks foward to a 21st century where justice and love, tolerance and cooperation, respect and care, peace and hope will flower in place of tension and confrontation, hatred and exclusion.